Harrison Gilbertson on his role in Picnic at Hanging Rock

Last week HPM's Harrison Gilbertson attended the Berlin Film Festival premiere of Picnic at Hanging Rock. 

Interviewed in the Advertiser, Harrison discusses his role in the contemporary re-imagining of the Australian classic based on Joan Lindsay’s novel.

He reflects: “I didn’t find it spooky or scary so much as having a great sense of energy which we felt from day one when we were filming."

In the series, Harrison takes on the role of Michel Fitzhubert, the suitor of wealthy schoolgirl Irma Leopold.

Picnic at Hanging Rock premiers on Foxtex Showcase, May 6

Full article: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/entertainment/confidential/hanging-rock-still-haunts-says-adelaide-star-harrison-gilbertson/news-story/0e21cdd93115f21353fe68285bb0683f

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